Renaissance Bubba Productions

was founded by Chan Chandler in 1993 and has produced, managed, written and coordinated shows, films, recordings, concerts, high-end benefits and galas in New York City, Austin, Paris, London, Rome, San Francisco and around the world. 


RBubba knows how to be part of your team and help get your show onstage, whether it is an intimate cabaret in NYC, a national broadcast from Austin, a corporate world tour, or an outdoor benefit concert for 30,000.  


A list of RBubba clients (2018-2019):


  • Jack Morton Worldwide  (NYC, BOS, CHI)

  • Paramount Pictures  (LA)

  • C + E  (NYC)YC)

  • Educe (Baltimore, MD)

  • Level2Design (San Jose)

  • Proscenium (NYC)

  • Texas Cultural Trust

  • Q2Cue (Clermont, FL)

  • CKC Communications   (CHI)

  • Tencue (Berkely, CA)

  • Studio Eyebeam (Austin, TX)

  • BroadStreet  (NYC)

  • Sorich Productions (Chicago)

  • Propel Productions (NYC)

  • Practical Magic (San Jose)

  • Eighth Sea, Inc. (NYC)


  • Magnet4 (NJ)

  • True Merit (Philadelphia)

  • The University Of Texas (Austin, TX)

  • BluePrint  NYC  (NYC)

  • Haystack Media (NYC)

  • Kaleidoscope (NYC)

  • LBJ Presidential Library (Austin, TX)

  • Swan Songs  (Austin, TX)

  • FnTech (San Jose)

  • MoonHouse Studios (Austin, TX)

  • Conspirare (Austin)


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© 2017 Renaissance Bubba

Chan calling a corporate show

Anaheim, CA photo by Michelle Berke